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Weber BBQ Briquettes 10kg - 17723

Weber BBQ Briquettes 10kg - 17723
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Weber BBQ Briquettes 10kg - 17723

Weber BBQ Briquettes are designed to burn long, hot and consistently.

Weber BBQ Briquettes have been shaped to light faster than other char briquettes, without compromising burn time. Because of their shape and grooved surfaces, Weber BBQ Briquettes are ready to use in approximately 25 to 30 minutes (approximately 40% faster than other brands).

Weber BBQ Briquettes are brilliant for indirect cooking like roasting and baking. As their performance is so consistent, they’re also the perfect fuel for long, low and slow smoking. And, because they light up so quickly, they’re also suitable for direct cooking (grilling).The Weber Briquette is made of 100% all natural hardwood with no added chemicals.

100% Genuine Weber Product


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