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Our range of BBQ grill accessories make it easy to cook on your BBQ! Choose from BBQ covers, grilling tools, hotplates and more. 

BBQ Dragon Fan
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Brand: BBQ Dragon Model: bd_bbqd501
The BBQ Dragon fan is a fire-starting tool that starts charcoal faster than a chimney without using lighter fluid.  It controls the heat of grills and smokers, revives smoldering fires and heats ceramic cookers to pizza-cooking temps in just minutes. It works by blowing large amounts of low-vel..
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Chimney of Insanity
New Sold Out - More Coming
Brand: BBQ Dragon Model: bdbbqd100
The Chimney of Insanity is the most advanced charcoal starter chimney in the world. It lights coals 2x faster than any chimney. Inside this innovative chimney is a 90-degree elbow that sticks out a side hole. This side hole allows you insert fuel or lighter material without lifting the chimney. Plus..
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Brand: BBQ Dragon Model: bd_bbqd120
FIRST OF ITS KINDThe guys at BBQ Dragon are BBQ lovers just like you and hated not having a place to put food and tools while cooking.   So they created the first ever shelf for the 57cm Weber kettle charcoal grills. Its patent-pending technology clips onto to a 57cm kettle grill in second..
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Brand: BBQ Dragon Model: bd_bbqd160
Turn your kettle grill into a smoker or convection oven by just popping in this grill stone.  This heavy ceramic grill stone fits just under your grate and prevents radiant heat from burning your food.  Grill low and slow or cook a whole chicken or rib roast without having to turn the food..
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Brand: KettlePizza Model: kphg1
The Hovergrill is a great way to increase the amount of cooking space on your Weber style kettle grill. Made of the finest, heavy duty stainless steel just place on your existing grill grate to increase surface area.kphvrgrill     ..
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Brand: BBQ Dragon Model: bd_bbqd120
The BBQ Dragon Rotating Grill Grate for 57cm kettle grills! The grate that moves your grilling food for you!  Grease flare-up?  No problem!  Spin that food out of the way. Too much food on the grill can wear out a chef with constant moving and turning.  The Spin Grate solves that..
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Brand: Weber Model: 6501
The Weber Q series are designed with portability in mind.  This handy Weber adapter hose will allow you to run both the small portable disposable gas canister as well as the traditional Kiwi 9kg bottle. Flexible tank adapter hose. Connects portable grill to a 9kg gas bottle. Fits the Weber Baby..
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Brand: Weber Model: 6727
It's time to slather up the ribs and get ready to grill up some perfect roasts with the Weber Style stainless steel barbecue rack. Designed for the ultimate in flexibility, the support wires can be flipped to grill ribs, chicken quarters or large roasts. Built-in handles, make getting the rack on an..
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Brand: Weber Model: 6557
This is the parallel imported version of this cart.  It does not include the small strap on shelf that the local version has. Grilling on the go is made even more convenient with the Weber Q Portable Cart. Use it to transport your 2014 or newer Weber Q1000, Q1200, Q2000 or Q2200 gas BBQ.&n..
Ex Tax:$121.73
Brand: Weber Model: 6525
Whether you're grilling at home or on the road, this cart is perfect for "parking" your small grill. With an integrated handle and two large wheels at one end, you can move the cart anywhere in your outdoor space with the grill attached to it. The cart has a bracket behind the perforated screen that..
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Brand: Weber Model: 7403
Stack briquettes for direct or indirect grilling with these charcoal fuel holders from Weber. Place them back-to-back in the center of the grill to form a direct heat source or position them to the sides of the kettle for indirect cooking. Each charcoal holder is forged with aluminized steel and out..
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Brand: Weber Model: 7402
Easily partition your kettle grill for indirect grilling setups with Weber charcoal rails. These steel fences latch into the charcoal grate and form side enclosures to deposit briquettes into, leaving a middle area open to situate a water pan. Turn your grill into a moisture-injecting charcoal oven ..
Ex Tax:$17.38
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