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Are your products genuine?
Yes!  Our goods are 100% genuine and that is guaranteed.  We do not sell counterfeit or cheap copies. 

Are they parallel imported?
Yes, in most cases they are parallel imported.   Parallel importing is perfectly legal in New Zealand as long as the goods are genuine. 

Are they the same as local products? 
In some cases yes,  but in some cases there may be some minor differences. For example, locally purchased Charcoal grills often include charcoal baskets.  Parallel imported versions do not and we choose not to add them as we do not think it fair to force our customer to pay for these items if they do not want them.   If our customers do want them,  we can add them at a reduced price.   Another item not included in parallel imported versions is the localised cookbook.  These cookbooks are written for Australasian markets and are not used in other markets.   There are significant recipe banks online for cooking with Webers amazing grills.  These are free and easy to access and have everything you need to make great meals.  If you have any questions regarding differences,  please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What about a warranty?
Unfortunately, many manufacturers choose not to support their product users who make the choice to buy outside of their approved dealer network at their approved price.  We put a one year return to base warranty on all goods we sell from the date of sale for the original purchaser.  We will cover faulty workmanship, defects or faults not caused by the user. We will repair, replace or refund any faulty goods at our discretion.  We value you as a current or future customer.  Whether you purchased your goods from us or someone else, we will always try and help you.   We will not turn you away for using your right to choose who supplies you with products. 

Are you the NZ Agent for Weber products?  
No, we are not.  We are an independent re-seller of Weber's range of BBQ products.  


Why won't my Weber gas grill get hot?
You may notice when preheating your grill, the temperature doesn’t rise and/or the flames appear very low. If this is happening to you, you may have inadvertently caused your grill to go into what’s called “bypass” by activating the gas control safety device on the regulator. There is a specific order in which you need to do things when lighting your Weber Q.  If you have got into this situation, simply turn all gas control knobs to the off position and turn the gas bottle off as well.   Wait about 30 seconds.  Then follow the recommended way of starting your grill below:

1. Open the lid

2.  Verify the control knob is in the off position

3.  Open the tap on your gas bottle all the way

4.  Wait about 30 seconds

5.  Turn the control knob to the Start/High position

6.  Hit your igniter button

7.  Your grill should reach temperature quickly and the flames should appear normal. 

Why can't I get the temperature low enough on my Baby Q?

Weber say "due to the design of Q models (shallow cookbox, cast iron grates, burner proximity to the grates) they tend to run hot, and getting them much below 390 (199 deg C) is a bit of a challenge, but we'd recommend checking out the FAQ at the link below for tips"

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