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Our range of BBQ grill accessories make it easy to cook on your BBQ! Choose from BBQ covers, grilling tools, hotplates and more. 

Weber BBQ Bear Claw Lifters / Shredders - 7475 Weber BBQ Bear Claw Lifters / Shredders - 7475
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Model: 7475
Get the most out of your BBQ with Weber Original accessories that are a must-have for every backyard barbiet. Use these Weber bear claw shredders to lift food from smokers, grills and racks and place it on platters for serving. The angled handles allow you to get the claws under the food to securely..
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Model: 6532
Protect your hands and look look like a pro doing so. The Weber Barbecue Mitt keeps your hand and forearm safe from the heat of your grill and is a necessity while grilling up any delicious dish.Black mitt with Red kettle embroideryFoldable cuff100 percent CottonHeat resistant linerGenuine Weber Pro..
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Model: 6495
A clean cooking grate prevents yesterday's steak dinner from tainting today's carefully seasoned and delicately flavored fish and veggies. Use the Grill Brush to clean your cooking grates before each use so that each meal is as delicious as the next.This specialty brush with angled bristles helps ge..
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Model: 6494
Whether you cook on a gas or charcoal BBQ grill, use this Weber tool to keep your grill grates free of food debris. It helps you easily clean hard-to-reach spaces between the cooking grate rods and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grates. This grill brush has an ergonomic handle for a sec..
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Model: 6493
Whether you cook over charcoal or gas, this is a must-have tool for keeping grill grates free of food debris. Easily cleans hard-to-reach spaces between the cooking grates rods and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grates. Stainless steel bristles are extra thick for a longer life. Ergonom..
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Model: 6686
Perfect for cleaning and maintaining your grillIdeal for detailing and cleaning smaller and hard to reach areasBristles are made of durable stainless steel for long lasting useEasily clean grilling grates with the heavy gauge steel bristles for excellent cleaning results. The small, looped design is..
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Model: 6557
This is the parallel imported version of this cart.  It does not include the small strap on shelf that the local version has. Grilling on the go is made even more convenient with the Weber Q Portable Cart. Use it to transport your 2014 or newer Weber Q1000, Q1200, Q2000 or Q2200 gas BBQ.&n..
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Model: 6525
Whether you're grilling at home or on the road, this cart is perfect for "parking" your small grill. With an integrated handle and two large wheels at one end, you can move the cart anywhere in your outdoor space with the grill attached to it. The cart has a bracket behind the perforated screen that..
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Model: 7403
Stack briquettes for direct or indirect grilling with these charcoal fuel holders from Weber. Place them back-to-back in the center of the grill to form a direct heat source or position them to the sides of the kettle for indirect cooking. Each charcoal holder is forged with aluminized steel and out..
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Model: 7402
Easily partition your kettle grill for indirect grilling setups with Weber charcoal rails. These steel fences latch into the charcoal grate and form side enclosures to deposit briquettes into, leaving a middle area open to situate a water pan. Turn your grill into a moisture-injecting charcoal oven ..
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Weber Charcoal Rake Stainless Steel - 7649 Weber Charcoal Rake Stainless Steel - 7649
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Model: 7649
Allows you to move hot charcoal for direct or indirect cooking115 degree angle blade makes moving lit charcoal a breeze21-inch length keeps your hands safely away from the fireRe-arranging and positioning lit charcoal is made safe and easy with the charcoal rake by Weber. With its 21-inch length, yo..
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Model: 7447
Makes lighting your charcoal easyHolds enough briquettes for a Weber Smokey Joe charcoal grillLarge, ergonomic handle for ease of handlingFull DescriptionWeber Compact RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter: Light your coals quickly and easily with the Weber Compact RapidFire Chimney Starter. Simply fil..
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